STOCK UPDATE - The Green, Deep Blue (plain inside), Red and Blue Striped Shmangles are currently out of stock, sorry!

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The Shmangle blanket fits in perfectly wherever outdoor people get together. This unique blanket with waterproofing on the one side and warm cuddly fleece on the other is the perfect accessory for the outdoors and also a great present to the person that has it all. In Green, Pink, Red, Blue/Deep Blue & now, the new Union Jack version!

Use at Picnics Festival Camping Travelling Partying Glastonbury Big Chill Beach Fishing Knee Rug

Brand New! Union Jack Shmangles!

Click on image (above) to see more photos of the brand new and exclusive Union Jack Shmangle!

*For deliveries within the UK we are charging a minimal shipping fee of £3.95. If you would like your Shamngle shipped by special service (i.e. recorded delivery or in a hurry) then please contact us at

+ £3.95 postage and packing

Union Jack Blanket

Green Striped Blanket
(currently out of stock, sorry)

Pink Striped Blanket

Blue Striped Blanket
(currently out of stock, sorry)

Red Striped Blanket
(currently out of stock, sorry)

Deep Blue Blanket
(currently out of stock, sorry)

(Plain blue inside)

Note: You can add more than one.

Shmangle Clip - £3.00
(including postage)

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Postage rates are automatically calculated
Standard Rate is £3.95
See our postage rates for more.

Our standard shipping is UK only with Royal Mail Second Class. Delivery is almost always within 5 working days. Any hassles at all, please call us on +44-2380-675814

If you would like it tomorrow
or are outside the UK or Europe
please email us or call us


Dimensions: 1.4m x 1.7m
Weighs: Approx 1 Kilogram (2.2 Pounds)
Price: £25.00 + £3.95 Postage and Packaging
Colours: Union Jack, Green, Pink, Blue, Red and Deep Blue
Inside: Striped Soft Fleece (The Deep Blue Shmangle Blanket is plain blue inside)
Washing: Machine washing and drying, but on low heat
Age: The Shmangle is almost 10 years old!

Our Shmangle hooded blankets will surprise you. Yes there are a variety of picnic’ish sort of blankets on the market, but nothing like this! Our blanket is waterproof on the one side and has lovely printed fleece on the inside or plain if you like. But the great revolution is the hood; it will protect you against wind, rain, snow or whatever you come in contact with when outside.

They are great for outdoor events like music festivals but can be used anywhere, anytime. You can use your Shmangle blanket in the summer or winter. It will become your year round friend.

The bright, colourful blankets all have the same multi-coloured stripe fleece lining, with either red, blue , green or Pink water-resistant outer layer, except the Deep Blue version, which has a plain blue inside.

If you would like to order for trade (10 or more), or would prefer to pay by bank transfer or cheque, please call us on +44-2380-675814 or email us.

We supply companies and marketing agencies. Yes, we can brand the product and we can use any colours on the inside and outside, but we'll make these in our factory so would need an order of a minimum of 500, a deposit, and about three months to manufacture them for you. 

Looking after your blanket: Blankets are machine washable but please, use a cool wash!

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If you have any questions, or for details of where you need to come to collect your order, here are our contact details.

Tel: +44-2380-675814

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Complementary Application Solutions Limited is actually an IT company, but we have some brilliant ideas. Shmangle blankets are actually not one of them - they are the original creation of a friend of ours. Shmangle limited, the company that used to sell these blankets along with their beanbags, went out of business some time ago. Sadly, because it was such a good idea.


With permission from the creator, who has moved on to greater things, we now continue to make these wonderful blankets and supply them in the UK (and sometimes outside and even to the US).


We love Shmangle Blankets. They are funky, bright, enjoyable and exciting and it makes a lovely summer diversion to run the website and supply them to the throngs of funky outdoorsy people that enjoy them. We have supplied them to festivals, to families, to friends and to partners, and they never cease to amaze us.


If you would like to read more about Complementary Solutions, click here


SHMANGLE CLIP ( Our latest great idea, if we say so ourselves )                                                                                                                                              Go back to the top

Here we have the latest idea from Shmangle - a shmangle clip is a double headed bulldog clip that allows you to clip your blanket around you like a jacket - although our new draw string is good ( and included ) the clip is fantastic - it allows you to adjust the size and fit as you like, its strong and durable and you can clip it to anything you like when not using the blanket.

Try one and you will be over the moon - now your blanket is a jacket AND a cape AND a blanket !  �3.00 including postage.



(see below for our policies on delivery and privacy)

We get a lot of questions about Shmangle, so we have put some of them here on the website for you to read. However, don't feel you can't ask us anything you like - just call us on +44-2380-675814 if you have a question.


Background, history, meaning                                                                                              To the top of FAQ


What does "Shmangle" mean ? While there is a more generic meaning ( check out Urban Dictionary ) Shmangle to us is that pleasant feeling of relaxation you get after a snooze in the sun on a warm blanket ( with perhaps a glass of wine inside you )

Where did you come up with the idea ? Almero dreamt it up lying on a beanbag in the warm sun many years ago ( with perhaps a glass of wine inside him )

Do you still sell beanbags ? No, sadly we don't. Shmangle limited, the company that sold beanbags, went out of business a while ago. We sell the blankets only, under the same brand name, but are in no way connected to that company.

Do you sell anything else ? Yes, we are an IT company ( see about us above ) but we also have another wonderful consumer product, an all round storage solution for hanging up your bike, storing almost anything in fact, the Coolclasp ( UK ) ( Intl )


Manufacturing, production, waterproofing, colours, materials                                             To the top of FAQ

What happened to the blue and yellow ?

Blue is a new colour, with a plain inside, without stripes. These were available from July 2008. They are in stock now.

The Yellow blankets are not in production anymore because although we loved them, customers voted by buying the other colours instead.

What colours are currently available ?

Shmangles are currently available in Green and Pink, Blue, Red and Deep Blue.

Are all blankets stripey or do you have other options ? Apart from the Deep Blue (which has a plain blue inside) all blankets have the striped fleece insides. The check inside is no longer manufactured.

Where are the blankets made ? Xiamen, China, by a fantastic manufacturing partner that employs women whose children have gone off to school, providing employment to these part-time workers.

What are the blankets made of ? 100% polyester

Are the blankets BSI certified waterproof ? They are ISO certified waterproof ( at vast expense ) so you can rest assured that unless you sit in water, you should stay dry. Of course it is a blanket not a wetsuit, so don't expect miracles.


Buying/Selling, Television, festivals                                                                                    To the top of FAQ


What's all this about ITV and QVC ? Shmangles have been featured on both of these television shows. To see the video clips in question, click here for QVC ( don't laugh, its embarrassing ) and ITV is here. WATCH OUT THEY ARE 41MB each, so you may well want to Right-Click and choose saveAs rather than try to stream them.

Shmangles were recently featured in Yotcru magazine. Download the pdf here.

I see Shmangles in shops, are they the same ? Yes, probably. We sell to a number of outdoor shops, including surf shops and leisure businesses.

Are you selling at festivals like Glastonbury or the Big Chill in 2010 ?  We've applied to all kinds of different festivals this year and we're hoping to appear at some of your favourites with our brilliant Shmangle blankets!




Our delivery policy : We dispatch your goods using Royal Mail or courier. You can expect delivery within 2-3 days, at worst 7 days. If you don't receive your item in this time, please call us so that we can do something about it. We charge extra for next day delivery. Pricing on postage varies - it is calculated automatically and starts at �3.95 Please note that the price charged for delivery of any item includes postage and packing and picking and is only a portion of these costs. Blankets weigh about 1 kilogram, so shipping and management is a tricky business.



Our returns policy : You may return a blanket unopened or in perfect condition with no questions asked, if you return it within fourteen days of purchase. You must contact us to let us know and so we can give you a returns address. If your blanket is faulty or in any way not to your satisfaction, we will discuss it with you. Our general policy is to ask you to return it at your own cost and we replace it with a brand new one. If you would like us to pay your return postage, we will send you a return bag and ask you to send it to us, we will repair it and return it to you.


Our privacy policy : We do not store your credit cards or bank details, EVER. This is why we use Paypal, who are such an excellent payment supplier and we trust them implicitly. We store your email addresses and delivery addresses only for communications and will never ever ever sell them or allow anyone else to use them. Once every six months, absolute maximum, Craig Stretch may, and only may, send you an email if, and only if, we think it will be highly relevant to you. If you would rather not have this very small communication about the wonderful world of Shmangles, just let us know anytime ( in the comments section of your payment is a good idea ) or just reply to the email and let us know you'd rather not be contacted. We haven't sent a newsletter out yet and we won't for a while ( summer is too nice in the sunshine )


Cancellations and customer service details : If you decide to cancel an order, please let us know as soon as possible. If the goods have shipped you will need to return them for a refund less shipping. If they have not shipped we will refund you ( via paypal or bank transfer ) less a �2 administration fee. Refunds can take up to 5 days to reach your account. To reach our customer services, email or call us on +44-2380-675814


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Customer Comments                                                                                                                To the top of FAQ


All of these are actual customer comments, received in email or on the phone.


"It is so warm its just magic. Thank you"
Jude, Cardiff

"Thanks for the service, the kids love their new blankets"
Steve, Birmingham

"The Shmangle arrived less that a day after I ordered it"
Hannah, SW London

"I received the Shmangle I ordered today and just wanted to say thank you so much! I am stunned at how quickly it has been delivered and think my girlfriend will love it! I'm sure I saw a stall selling these at Glastonbury festival once years back but I haven't seen them since - they are the perfect festival blanket! Anyway, thanks again, I'm definitely recommending you guys to my mates! Cheers, Wes T"
Wesley, N London

"Thanks for all the blankets, they all arrived this morning."
Hendrik, Winchester

"Hi Craig The delivery arrived this morning, Ive got to say the Schmangle's are amazing. Im so pleased with the quality of them. These will be a lifesaver at Glastonbury later this month. Thanks for getting them to me so quickly"
Louise, Manchester

"Hi, I recently just ordered my first ever Shmangle blanket as I'll soon be attending the Oxygen festival in Ireland and I received it yesterday. I just wanted to say a HUGE thanks. It is BRILLIANT! All my friends are jealous, and if I didn't have one I'd be jealous too!! Delivery was very quick, and it was just all round a brilliant purchase. Well done on the great job, and thank you!"
Paula, Dublin, Ireland

"Craig, Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent service, my Shmangle arrived in perfect time for my festival, all my friends where very jealous! you're on to a winner!, Thanks"
Caroline, Norwich

"I bought a shmangle at Glastonbury around 5 years ago and take it everywhere with me. This year it got trashed, covered in mud and drenched. My sister suggested I bin it but that was not an option! I stuffed it back in its bag and finally got round to washing it today. One wash and it's as good as new and ready for the British Grand Prix this weekend. This year was the muddiest Glasto I've ever known and the shmangle took it all. A truly great product, well done! Kind Regards"

(thank you all for letting me quote you on my website, its wonderful to get so much nice feedback.)


General                                                                                                                                   To the top of FAQ


Why ? We like selling Shmangles, they are such a fun product. When we're sick to death of computers, we can think about festivals and blankets for a while. Then we can go to the pub.

Who ? Complementary Solutions is one person - Craig Stretch - but its also a network of partners, people and friends that has kept us as a strong business with turnover in excess of 100,000 pounds per year for more than 10 years.

Where ? We are based in SW London, but we supply Shmangles across the UK, and occasionally in Europe and the USA




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Some pictures of Shmangles that might answer questions about the blankets themselves and what they look like :

To see some pictures of people using Shmangles :   

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